Vitthala Temple: The Epicenter of Vijayanagara Empire

In the historical significance of Hampi, Vitthala Temple has perfectly shored up its place for long. The ineffable beauty and legacy of this temple leave everyone stunned. Here are all the details you should know before visiting the temple:

Vitthala Temple Timings

Vitthala Temple timings are uniform for the entire week. It stays open from 8:30AM to 5:00PM

Entrance Fees

There are no entry fees. One can bring the camera inside the shrine without paying any fee.

Vitthala Temple History

Vittala Temple was constructed during the reign of Vijayanagara Empire ruler King Devaraya II (from 1422 to 1446 A.D). Vittala Temple built by King Devaraya II. But its expansion was finally done by Vijayanagara dynasty’s famous ruler, Krishnadevaraya (1509-1529 A.D). Even though Vitthala Temple built by King Devaraya II, yet the whole credit of this astounding looked edifice goes to King Krishnadevaraya.

It is also prevalent with the name, Shri Vijaya Vitthala Temple. This temple is wholly dedicated to Lord Vishnu and exclusively made as an abode for Lord. In accordance with the prevailing legend, Lord Vishnu found the place as excessively grand and returned back & live in own home.

Vitthala Temple Architecture

One of the grandest temples of Hampi, Vitthala Temple inevitably exemplifies architectural excellence of Vijayanagara era artisans. The Dravidian style Vitthala Temple architecture enunciates magnificent unmatchable architectural beauty. Originally, one enclosed Mantapa was featured in the temple; however, the addition of the open Mantapa was done in 1554 A.D.

The whole temple premises are covered by three towering gateways and high compound walls. It houses several structures, viz. Devi shrine, Ranga Mantapa, Maha Mantapa (congregation hall), Stone Chariot, Utsava Mantapa, and Kalyana Mantapa.

Vitthala Temple Music Pillars

The quirky Vitthala Temple music pillars are the central attractive point of it. Its world famous mandapa houses this amazing feature that emit musical tones when one tap on it.

The legend of these pillars is associated with British rulers. It is commonly said that when British rulers watched these pillars, they were completely wonderstruck with its magic. To unveil the secret, they cut down two pillars. Unfortunately, the musical tines from those pillars got emitted permanently; however they failed to find anything inside musical pillars. Even those destroyed pillars can be seen in the temple.

The visitors don’t ever forget to tap on these pillars whenever you visit this beautiful place. Unfortunately, now this musical hall has been closed for protection purposes, however, you can certainly get a surmise of its mystique.

The astonishingly carved Vitthala Temple music pillars are really something you can’t miss out.

How to reach Vijay Vitthala Temple?

All the ways are open to reach this famous historic place. You can reach there by air from Hubli airport which is the nearest one to this temple. You can pick a train or even chose to reach by road. So, choose any transportation way and visit this ancient epic.

If you are fond of Indian history and ancient architecture, then don’t ever overlook this place as you will get oodles of attractions there. You will get accommodation and cuisine facilities in Hampi city.

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