Chill Out This Weekend At Mangalore Beaches

Mangalore Beaches complement the shimmering sands, lavishly swaying palms, delectable cuisines appease the taste buds and all other scenic attractions that are enough to capture your heart. Mangalore is the famous Arabian seaport located in district Karnataka. This port is replete of lip-smacking food, amazing locales, commercial life, vibrant culture, and of course outstanding beaches. The whole region gets rejuvenated with the festivities on these beaches.

Strolling over soft and dazzling sand, laying over the beach beds is the most relaxing things one can enjoy in the beach area. Here’s top five Mangalore beaches list compiled by us, which you must cover while having a visit in this coastal town:

  1. Panambur Beach

Panambur Beach is the most visited and renowned beaches of  Mangalore. It is located at 10 km distance from Mangalore city on Mangalore-Udupi highway. Its prestige hikes at the time of several carnivals that district authorities organize here time to time. Visitors take part in various festivities like sculpture contests, beach sports, boat races and many other and encounter the best moments of their life here. Not just the local festivals, but International Kite Festival is also organized here wherein the foreign participants also come specially to enjoy this festivity.

Things To Do

A vast array of fun activities entertains the visitors to the core at Panambur Beach. Here’s the list of what you can do here:

  • Jetskiing
  • Horse Rides
  • Boating
  • Spotting Dolphins
  • Camel Rides
  • ATV Rides
  • Adventurous Water Sports

The beach houses something for everyone and you will love its surprises for sure.


This beach is absolutely safe. The trained lifeguards are readily available to help you in any sort of circumstance. They can be spotted in orange and are there to specially make your experience safe and worth remembering. Plus, this beach is totally clean, so, it’s totally safe to enjoy here.

  1. Someshwara Beach

Popular for magnificent rocks renamed as Rudra Shile, Someshwara Beach is a favorite place of millions to visit and relish with the amazing sunset view. The old Someshwara Temple, located here, has enriched history and architectural beauty that attracts millions of tourists every year. This was built in the region of queen Annakka Devi.

Things To Do

  • It’s a perfect getaway for history and nature admirers as there are abundant of things to behold
  • The divine Someshwara Temple edifice can encase you in the sacred aroma
  • Hike on Ottinenee Hill that is comprised in the lap of nature and give a perfect panoramic view from the top.


The Rudra Shile rocks bequeath breathtaking view. This beach is completely safe and clean, there’s no worry of carrying on beach & water sports activities. The panoramic view of the Arabian sea is out of this world.

  1. Tannirbhavi Beach

For people preferring a serene place and in search of a getaway from the crowd and the worries of the city, Tannirbhavi beach is a blessing. This less crowded and tranquil beach is one of the cleanest beaches of Mangalore. It can only be reached either by ferry from Sultan Battery or by taking own vehicles.

Things To Do

  • Tannirbhavi Tree Park is the most protected and first rated park housing several species in it. It has various sculptures as well as showcasing cultural and traditional values of the region. The trees in this park hold special importance in Ayurveda because of its rare and amazing medicinal qualities.
  • One can enjoy all the water sports here as well. Surfing, Boating, Jet Skiing, Kayaks, Motor Boats, this beach has everything to make your day even more special.


The Malabar Coastline extension is here to appease the adventure needs of visitors. Although water sports activities are permitted here, still, it’s not advisable to spend more time in the sea here. So, for safety purpose, lifeguards are all the time available to rescue people from drowning.

  1. Ullal Beach

This golden sand beach is again one of the top Mangalore beaches. It is located at River Nethravathy. For the drifters seeking peace, this beach will best serve the purpose. One can have a perfect vacation here with a gentle breeze and loving cosmos, which is enough to revitalize you.

*Tip: Book your accommodation in advance as the popularity of this beach attracts countless tourists every year and last-minute planners usually suffer from finding the right place to stay.*

Things To Do

  • Ideal for swimming and sunbathing
  • Enjoy water sports activities
  • For picnics, Summer Sands Beach Resort is located here
  • Best for photography in the beach flanked by Casuarina groves
  • A beautiful extension of coconut trees and anglers’ path
  • The Jain sanctuaries of the sixteenth century and Abbakka Devi’s destroyed post can be located here


This picturesque beach is worth of your camera clicks. Especially, at sunset time, the breathtaking view of this beach is above all. One can find here well furnished and cozy cottages to spend the best time on the beach. There are several cuisines options as well, especially non-veg food on this beach is quite famous.

  1. Surathkal Beach

Encased in the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Surathkal Beach is located at just 5 kilometers away from the city, Mangalore. Not just the adventurous sports, but even simple brisk walking along the sea line is so fulfilling that you haven’t experienced anywhere else.

Things To Do

  • The central point of attraction is the lighthouse and one can get the panoramic view of the whole city from there.
  • Enjoy the water sports
  • Swim & surf in the crystal clear water
  • Locate starfishes and crabs easily here
  • Stroll over the beach, build sand castles and enjoy the pleasuring sound of sea waves.


Staying options are quite less here, you can find the best accommodations in Mangalore instead of, particularly in Surathkal area and can drive down for a one-day outing here. Eating options are never ending so you can expect your favorite delightful food here easily. Guides are not available so you can take the help of local people in knowing more about this beach.

The prominent tourist spot, Mangalore beaches house tremendous adventure and appeasing relaxation. Keep these all in your list while planning an excursion to this beautiful coastal city.

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