Famous Pondicherry Beaches You Must Visit At Least Once In A Lifetime

A unique coalesce of modernity and antiquity is quite rare to extract out and Pondicherry beaches are just brimming with it. Whether you are a serenity lover or love to hang out with friends, the sheer cosmos of these beaches houses surprises for all in one way or another. Walking beside the tidal surging along the seashore, enjoying the eye-soothing sunset, building sand castles, swimming, eating and enjoying with partners outweigh all the routine tensions and humdrum of life. Blew away with the famous Pondicherry Beaches brimmed of coastal charm. Here are these:

Auroville Beach

Better known as Auro Beach, this particular beach is widespread in the entire Pondicherry situated close to Auroville. Its sun-kissed seashores surge with heart-throbbing vistas ready to capture your best moments. You can capture abundant of memories with your dear ones on this beach. Nature lovers will admire this spot by heart because of its unsurpassable scenic vista.

Things To Do

  • Famous for surfing and swimming.
  • The volcanic sand and colored shells are the main attractions.
  • Enjoy lazy strolling over this beach.

Ultimate Tips

The closing time of the beach is 6:30 PM. From Pondicherry town, it is just 12 km away so you can reach it by taking a vehicle or on foot as well.

Paradise Beach

Enriched with paradisiacal feel, Paradise Beach is second to none. This beach is enough to give a ride to paradise with an amazing facet of food, rest spaces, showers, beverages and everything that hikes up the comfort level to a great extent. The astounding feel of sand, sound & feel of sea waves, coconut trees, and the whole magical ambiance will surely get etched to your heart forever. You will surely feel like, you are in paradise actually, after reaching here.

Things To Do

  • Swimming can be done, but permitted only nearby the shores and not deeper into the sea.
  • Famous restaurants to satiate your hunger with a lip-smacking variety of beverages and food items.
  • Play beach volleyball and Football. If you haven’t carried the ball, then just ask the staff for it, they will get it for you right away.
  • Relax on the beach chairs
  • Exciting boathouse offers the most fascinating rides
  • Perfect for photography purposes

Ultimate Tips

If you want to take a dip, then bring some extra clothes with you. From the main town, it is just 8 km away and located along Cuddalore Main Road. You need to pay the entry fee to get along this beach and also need to spend the extra pennies for parking, ferries, chairs, and boating, etc. From 9 AM to 6 PM this beach stays open for the visitors, however on Sundays the closing timings are a bit earlier and it shuts the doors at 3:30 PM.

Serenity Beach

Looking for celestial spit for you and your dear one? Then Serenity Beach is perfect and idyllic one for quality time with your dear ones. Its name itself bespeaks about the serenity, calmness and romantic feel that you could rarely find anywhere else in Pondicherry. It doesn’t let you disappoint in any manner despite your way to enjoy here. The blue water, white sand bordering with beautiful palm trees will surely make your day special.

Things To Do

  • Countless surfing opportunities
  • Enjoy all adventurous activities such as canoeing, boating, kayaking, etc.
  • Famous for swimming, and relaxing sunbathing

Ultimate Tips

If you love shopping handicrafts, leather goods and are dressaholic, then you will get abundant of options in Serenity Beach Bazaar that is set up on East Coast Road on every weekend. So, bring some extra pennies with you to enjoy there.

Promenade Beach

This rocky beach typically elevates the beauty of Pondicherry with its 1.5 km long walkway along the seashore. It is quite famous for jogging, morning walk and strolling which locals and tourists enjoy a ton. The sheer enrichment of this place remains from the British Times, since then this beach is famous and widespread as the best spot for friends and family.

Things To Do

  • Know the history of several landmarks situated over this beach including Ware Memorial. Its Dupleix Park is also very famous.
  • You can enjoy skating and beach yoga there.
  • A lot of cafes and restaurants can be located here that are best known for mouth-watering food and beverage options.
  • The rocky seashore is the central attraction of this beach. You can sit for hours over there without feeling any fatigue of discomfort.
  • People love sunrise and sunset walk here.
  • For shopaholics, there are countless options and handicraft items are quite prevalent here.

Ultimate Tip

There’s no entry fee, but during the evening, vehicle entry is not permitted on the front area of the beach. That time, the front area is reserved for food carts, beach snacks, and other stalls. It is just 11 minutes or 3.9 km away from the city.

Karaikal Beach

The clean water, relaxing hymns by waves, Sunkissed aura and the ravishing feel of the sand, Karaikal beach subsumes every bit of rejuvenation and relaxation that one aspires for. This beach is brimmed of facilities to make your day out a perfect one. The famous food courts are present to appease your taste buds instantly. Enjoy visiting the beach with your family and friends.

Things To Do

  • Kayaking is quite prevalent on this beach. You can enjoy it thoroughly here along with ample of water sports activities.
  • Swimming is permitted, so you can also get the feel of swimming over there.
  • Volleyball and tennis are common games played by visitors here.
  • The sunset view is best to capture in your camera. You can enjoy this vista as well.

Ultimate Tips

Summers are the best time to visit this beach. There’s no entry fee for this beach. The distance from the city to this beach is higher so you can hire a taxi or any vehicle to reach this point.

Mahe Beach

Mahe beach is another pearl added to the garland of Pondicherry beauty. Situated along with pristine shoreline and lined with palm trees of plush green color, this beach is the best for photographers and peace lovers. You can capture stunning views of the sunset and awesome sea waves in your camera.

Things To Do

  • It’s a famous fishing point. You can enjoy fishing here.
  • Catch hues of orange sunrays by visiting here in the early morning and enjoy the sunrise.
  • Make sand castles and enjoy sitting near the shore
  • Being the less crowded and serene place, you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Ultimate Tips

Carry food with you as there are no food joints and shacks. You need to carry all the things you require on the beach, such as beach umbrella, water, food, towel in case you plan to swim. This beach is situated 22 km away from Kannur city, so you surely need to hire a vehicle or ply from a bus to reach this point.

Bottom Line

The surging Pondicherry beaches are gifted with brimming natural beauty. While planning your sashay to Tamilnadu, never ever slip away this beautiful place and its beaches which augment its beauty to new heights. Rejuvenate in nature’s lap and feel blessed after reaching here. Have a great time ahead!

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