Top 5 Andhra Pradesh Beaches, You Must Visit Once in Your Lifetime!

“Some places shouldn’t be googled, just discover them. And, some Adventures shouldn’t be scripted, just relish them”

Got stuck in your daily mundane of life? Looking for a perfect & a peaceful holiday destination to enjoy the scenic beauty, and breathtaking nature vista?

No doubt, a holiday is a sort of rejuvenation of the soul, and one must go for a trip to recharge their mind, body, and soul at least once a year. Here in this blog, we’re discussing the best beaches of one of the most beautiful states of India- Andhra Pradesh with all its extraordinarily stunning beaches to make you awestruck in different coastal places like Kakinada, Nellore, and Vishakhapatnam. Beyond any doubt, these will never fail to make you fall in love at first sight. Have a glance!

  1. Bheemili Beach, Visakhapatnam

Bheemili beach also known as picturesque beach, located at the river Gosthani merges with the Bay of Bengal. This beautiful beach is famous for its unspoiled beachfront, golden sand, and blue water. You’ll not able to spare yourself from the charm and unparalleled beauty of this beach, which is also popular for being less crowded area than most of the other beaches. This peaceful, calm and serene beach away from the hustle & bustle of city life to leave one spellbound & mesmerized.

Things to Do

  • Famous for all sorts of water sports like swimming, water-skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.
  • In the nearby regions, there are several Dutch and British settlements which are worth watching.
  • The lighthouse situated since 1868 can also be beholden here.
  • If you love strolling over the temples, then the famous one, Sri Kanaka Mahalaxmi Temple situated in a 0.5km distance from this beach.
  • Overall the perfect destination for adventures & nature lovers.

Ultimate Tips

This area has various accommodation options in different budgets with modern amenities. Keertana Vanam beach resort by VUDA- Vishakhapatnam urban development Authority is the popular accommodation option for all.

  1. Rushikonda beach, Visakhapatnam

Rushikonda Beach, popularly known as the jewel of the east coast is the most stunning beach of Andhra Pradesh tourism, situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Visakhapatnam. This beautiful beach is looked after by APTDC, to ensure that this place doesn’t lose its natural attraction & intact beauty.

Things To Do

  • One can enjoy various sorts of water sports activities like windsurfing, water ski, speed boating, etc.
  • This beach looks more mesmerizing, especially on the event of Holi when the beach embellishes with hues of different vibrant colors. People love splashing water & colors on each other.
  • Another best thing to view is a 14th-century temple named Sapta Rusheswara Temple situated there.
  • Best to spend quality time amidst warmth and tranquility of nature
  • This picture perfect beach is ready to click your memories

Ultimate Tips

Evening time, this beach looks so pleasurable and loving with its scenic vista that you will love strolling here with a cool amazing breeze. So, you can visit here in the evening time if you don’t want to face scorching heat in the day time.

  1. Gangavaram beach, Visakhapatnam

Gangavaram beach is the favorite spot for many TV serial makers & filmmakers due to its captivating sceneries with a cool breeze, palm trees, soft sands provides a secluded atmosphere of beach to host thousands of visitors & tourists every year. The beautiful sunset view makes it the pleasantest place for all those who love to visit the beaches to relax & unwind.

Things To Do

  • Perfect for adventurous activities.
  • Best for couples and have much fun & frolic activities for squads.

Ultimate Tips

July to March are the best months to visit here. Before directly visiting, know high tidal timings so that you can plan your visit accordingly. Coming in the afternoon will bring tremendous pleasure to you.

  1. Bhavani Island, Vijayawada

Bhavani island situated at the Krishna river in Vijayawada. This is one of the largest Island and ensures the best spot for a relaxing weekend. This place is named after Kanaka Durga or goddess Bhavani. This beach is an unexplored & untouched place of the state. Well known as the heaven for solitude lovers and another piece of thing including the divine view of the sunset, a lullaby that the sea sings, and sound of waves that blow along, cannot be missed.

Things To Do

  • There are many other activities & opportunities to enjoy some leisurely time.
  • The lush green, fresh and tranquil surroundings are best for treading.
  • The craftwork of local artisans and villagers are worth watching.
  • You can spot white ducks swimming here and you can offer food to them & relish to the fullest.

Ultimate Tips

You can visit this Island anytime, it’s a forever beauty. There is countless food stalls and washrooms facility, so you don’t need to worry about anything here.

  1. Ramakrishna Beach, Visakhapatnam

Ramakrishna beach is the most popular beach among all in Visakhapatnam. This beach is engrossed with thousands of visitors, creating hustle bustle throughout the year. This beach serves as the best place of attraction for all sorts of people to look it’s most scenic views, to enjoy in the company of its cool breeze & also the sound of waves.

Things To Do

  • It has also multiple tourism spot like a submarine museum, Visakha Museum, Kali temple, aquarium, water memorial around the Ramakrishna beach.
  • It is surrounded by food vendors all over the beach, so you can satiate your taste buds with lip-smacking food items here.
  • This beach is an absolute delight to the eyes, that’s why it’s one of the most popular beaches of Andhra Pradesh.

Ultimate Tips

It is not advisable to swim on this beach, because it’s quite dangerous & has claimed lives in the past. This beach is rocky & one should be careful here.

What other reasons do you need to visit this Ramakrishna beach whenever in Andhra Pradesh? Visit these amazing beaches and swing in nature’s lap.

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