Get the Perfect Weekend Gateway by Visiting these Top 10 Mumbai Beaches

Bombay is one of the most famous Indian spots that have the capacity to knock your socks off in one way or another. In its long litany of attractive places and things, Mumbai beaches are no exception.
Its lively and soulful beaches subsume the charm of everything, being its, adventurous fun some activities, delectable cuisine, or serene calm cosmos to bequeath you relaxing hours, every single aspect is worth the attention and of course your visit.
Even keeping everything at bay, if you simply walk through promenades, you will actually feel, how blessed you are. So, without wasting the time, let’s have a sneak peek of top Mumbai beaches and what activities shall you do after reaching here. Here we go

Aksa Beach

The cleanest, scenic view of surrounded coconut trees, famous for Bollywood song ‘Aksa beach ghuma du…’ and idyllic quietness, Aksa beach comes at very first when we talk about top Mumbai beaches. It is located in the Malad region of Mumbai. The sunset here looks the most adorable and walking barefoot, feeling the softness of the sand and enjoying sunset is a must-
Things to do
You can’t swim or enjoy water sports here because of unsafe waves. But, there are many other activities, you can surely do here. If you love the collection of snails and shells, then you will find yourself lucky enough visiting here. The rippling waves, heart-soothing view of sunset and walk by the shore is really relaxing.
Best Time to Visit
September to March are the best months to visit here.

Juhu Beach

Unlike Aksa, this is not completely clean beach, but yes, it has the power to amaze you in all possible ways. This is the reason for its standing at number two. It is located at Mumbai’s Western Suburbs. You can say, it’s a prelude to the whole Mumbai spirit and assuredly satiate your mood in all possible ways.

Things to do
Don’t forget to taste the street food here, I’m sure, you will just love the stuff. This is a one- stop-shop for, of course, shopping, water sports, and above all, relaxation. The local delicacies of Juhu beach are above all. And, for more refined tastes, you can find a number of five-star hotels around it.
You can spend your day on the swanky Juhu hotels. If you love theatre, then you can have your day well spent at Prithvi theatre near Juhu beach. You can visit the ISKCON temple situated here too.
Best Time to Visit
October to February is the most favorable time to visit this place.

Gorai Beach

Gorai beach is one of the cleanest beaches of Mumbai. From the central islands, its pleasure can be felt in a short boat ride. This beach can be found in a small village in Mumbai, Gorai. This area is quite popular for coconuts and mango plantations. The bullock carts are used to carry items to the Gorai beach from the Dharavi Bhet village.
Things To Do
This spot is famous for full moon parties and fun-filled adventurous activities. Plus, Gorai fish market, Uttan market, Water Kingdom and many other spots near Gorai beach is there to spend a memorable time.
Best Time to Visit
September to March is the most favorable time to visit here.

Marve Beach

Bespoken as ‘Goa in Mumbai’, Marve beach is quite a famous Mumbai beach having the capacity to please you in all possible ways. This marvelous beach is situated at 40 km distance from Mumbai, in Malad city’s Western Suburbs and is totally tranquil promising to provide a completely relaxing place away from the bustles of the city.
Things To Do
You can do boating here as it is safe and permitted too. By boat, you can reach Pagoda and Buddhist meditation center too, which is another attraction lying over the nearby island of

Marve beach. This beach is a way for all adventurous spots like the Water Kingdom, Essel World etc. So, you will have an awesome time here.
Best Time to Visit
Summers are the best time to visit this beach.

Versova Beach

Located in Andheri suburbs, Versova beach is separated from Juhu beach by a creek. It is located in Greater Mumbai. The specialty of this beach is the fish market auctions. Its huge strong rocks stand as the protective shield to the whole Versova village. Moreover, its scenic excellence and the sight of sunset is so mesmerizing that you will fall in love with this place.
Thing to do
Snorkeling activities are quite famous at Versova beach. So, if love viewing fishes, then you can have enormous fun here. Plus horse rides make it more attractive. You can click photographs at this spot. The festive celebrations here are worth to watch here.
Above all, just sitting back to the shore gives you a blissful experience over there.
Best Time to Visit
September to May is most favorable months to visit this place.

Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty beach is a perfect escape from a busy life, bestowing an adventurous outing, this beach is certainly a must-visit. It is located in South Mumbai, at the Marine Drive’s Northern end. This is brimmed with local delicacies and people enjoy here enjoying local festivities a ton.
Things To Do
Chowpatty beach has innumerable things to entertain you. The snake-charmers, dancing monkeys, fortune tellers, horse rides, gun shooting galleries, ferry wheels, not just this, one can witness street plays and even film shooting here. So, overall, you will have a great time here.
Best Time to Visit
October to March is most favorable months to visit here.

Madh Island Beach

For beach games and to spend a memorable time here, the Madh Island beach is the best one. It is located at Northwest coast of Mumbai. This secluded spot with white water and sand brings a lot of opportunities to enjoy. Madh Island shacks are quite famous among couples.
Things To Do
You can visit Madh Church situated near it. its architecture, paintings attract the visitors a ton. You can also visit Madh Fort which is also known as Versova fort. This fort is the central point of attraction here.
Best Time to Visit
October to June is the most pleasant months to visit here.

Manori Beach

The brisk walk, clean cosmos, alluring Portuguese architecture, brimmed with cashew nut groves, this is what Manori beach subsumes. This mini Goa is located in Northern Mumbai’s Dharavi Bhet. You can say it a perfect weekend getaway. You will find less crowd here, however, the nightlife is quite Crowdy and embellishing here, enough to satiate your appetite for fun.
Things To Do
Essel World can be reached from here via ferry. Some parts of this beach are safe to swim. So, you can enjoy swimming here too. You can relax your mind & body on the cottages established against the seashore. It’s a perfect treat to all those who seek solace.
Best Time to Visit
October and November months are considered the best months to visit this beach.

Uran Beach

This hidden gem is always underestimated, but it encases all the qualities to amaze you. It is located in the Uran village of Navi Mumbai, especially known as the fishing point. It’s a perfect spot to soak in the sun, stretch in the sand and spend quality time with your loved ones.
Things To Do
The full moon nights are serene and peculiar here. Karanja fort remains can also be seen here. You can explore the village Uran which is famous for architecture and fishing. The serene sight of south Mumbai can also be experienced here. Water sports are not permitted, so, you can enjoy watching the hypnotizing view of sea, sand, and sun.
Best Time to Visit
October and November months are considered the best months to visit this beach.

Kalamb Beach

Situated in Nalasopara, Thane, Mumbai, Kalamb beach is quite a long and clean beach. You can spend your weekend break in its serene atmosphere. Even a casual walk is so pleasurable here. Moreover, its colorful stones, small shells and clean sand will please you a ton.
Things To Do
You can do Paragliding, camel rides, and all the water sports are permitted here. For nature lovers and photo freaks, this place is the best during sunset. The silver hues of water with the reflection of the golden sun gives an unforgettable experience ever.
Best Time to Visit
September to March months is considered the best months to visit this beach.

So, these are the top Mumbai beaches. Have you ever been to Mumbai beaches? Do share your plans if you want to go there now and experiences if you have already visited these, I would like to hear about your experience here.

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