Visit These Top 10 Beaches for Memorable Vacation in Gujarat

Beaches are the most pleasurable, enjoyable and amusing gateway to escape oneself from the consistent humdrum of routine life. Nature’s unblemished beauty, clear water, colorful beach sand, gives a fair chance to overlook all worries and relax the body & mind.

Amidst all India beach beauty, have you ever been to Gujarat beaches? Gujarat houses a number of beaches promising you the perfect escape from anxieties by relaxing the body & mind and you will just love the softness that you will feel under the feet and overall beach view.

Here are our top picks of Gujarat beaches that you must behold during your Gujarat excursion:

Nagoa Beach- Diu

Having the shape of a horseshoe, Nagoa beach has been spread over Nagoa hamlet in Diu. You will feel the real tranquility with surrounded beautiful palm trees. Here, you can do Kneeboard surfing, jet skiing, swimming alongside camel and pony rides add more fun to it. The softness of white sand and the feel of serene breeze is beyond words. Wondering, how will you reach here? Here’s the complete plan:

  • By Air: You can reach Nagoa airport, which is well connected to major cities.
  • By Road: You can prefer to take the bus to reach Diu as it is well-connected to the whole country.
  • By Rail: Veraval is the closest airport and can be accessed easily from any region.

October to March are the most favorable months to visit here.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

If you love long walks, serene cosmos, and firm white sand then this spot will be perfect to spend quality time. For adventure buffs, couples and of course, the beach lovers, this beach is idyllic in all regards. Follow these deets to reach here:

  • By Air: Keshod is the closest airport and well connected to all daily flights.
  • By Road: You can prefer either private luxury buses or state transport buses, and can reach Ahmedpur Madhvi beach easily.
  • By Rail: Delaware railway station is the closest one, connected to other stations.

October to March are the most favorable months to visit here.


Chorwad Beach

For the people having an agenda to relax on beaches, this clean Chorwad beach is an ideal one. but it is not favorable for swimming. Soothe your senses with a cool & pleasant breeze here with your loved ones. You can reach here:

  • By Air: Diu airport is the closest one. It’s 80km away from Chorwad.
  • By Road: Gadu is closest bus stand from Chorwad. But Chorwad itself doesn’t have any bus stand.
  • By Rail: Chorwad railway station is well connected to all the major areas.

October to February is the best time to go there.

Gopnath Beach

The breathtaking scenic view, limestone cliffs, and mesmerizing appearance, this is all for what Gopnath beach is known for. This beach can’t be reached directly, instead, you need to first reach Bhavnagar from where, Gopnath beach can be visited. Here are the ways to reach here:

  • By Air: Bhavnagar is the airport linked to all major airports.
  • By Road: Bhavnagar bus stand is well connected to all major areas and is about 71km away from Gopnath beach. So, one can take a cab here to reach the beach.
  • By Rail: Bhavnagar railway station is connected to Ahmedabad, Gujrat which has firm connectivity with other major areas.

Summers are favorable to visit here.

Dwarka Beach

For Hindu pilgrimage, this beach is the best spot. The best part of this beach is its aquatic life which amazes the tourists the most. Starfish, sea turtles, urchins etc. can be found easily on the water surface. So, if you love beholding sea life, then it’s the best place for you.

  • By Air: The closest airport is Jamnagar, connected to other airports of the country.
  • By Road: From Jamnagar, Dwarka beach is 131km away and from Ahmedabad, it is 442km away. Both of these areas are well connected to all regions. From these areas, buses ply from time to time to Dwarka beach.
  • By Rail: This area has a railway station, but small in area that is connected with major stations.

October to March is the most favorable time to visit here.

Ghogla: Diu Beach

This another Diu beach, Ghogla can be found in Ghogla village. If you love water sports, then this spot idyllically stands for you. The clean water, soft sand, and adventurous sports, everything over there capture the attention of visitors. You can reach here:

  • By Air: Diu has firm connectivity with all other major airports of the country. So, it can be reached by air.
  • By Road: To reach the beach, it will take 8 hours from Ahmadabad and just 12 mins away from Diu by road.
  • By Rail: The closest stations to Diu are Veraval or Somnath stations that are connected to all Gujarat stations.

October to April is the most favorable time to visit here.

Tithal Beach

The black sanded beach, Tithal is quite a popular beach of Gujarat. It has all remedies to shun your tiredness in all possible ways. Behold the beauty of nature here and relax your body in palm-fringed cottages, specially made to bequeath complete riddance from tiredness. The way to reach here:

  • By Air: The closest airport is located in Surat. From here, air services can be attained.
  • By Road: Valsad town is nearest to this beach, present about 6 km away, has frequent bus services available.
  • By Rail: Valsad railway station is the closest beach having connected with all other areas.

June and July months are the best months to visit here.

Kutch Mandvi Beach

The most subtle area unfurling tranquility all around is only one, Kutch Mandvi beach. The magical sand, blue water, and colorful fishing bring fun in your day spent there. You can visit Kutch Mandvi beach:

  • By Air: The closest and major connectivity to Kutch is Bhuj airport.
  • By Road: All cities are well connected to Kutch. The bus service is readily available there.
  • By Rail: Bhuj is the closest railway station to Kutch and well connected to other railway stations of Gujarat.

October to March is most favorable time to visit this beach.

Somnath Beach

Besides the beach privileges, one can feel religious sacredness too, as Somnath Temple is located at Somnath beach. Eventually, it’s the best place in religious perspective alongside holding the brimming beauty of nature. You can have been through:

  • By Air: The closest airport is Keshod which is connected with Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
  • By Road: Junagadh city is 79 km away and Chorwad city is 25 km away from the beach. Buses ply from these areas regularly to Somnath.
  • By Rail: Veraval is the closest railway station and trains to Somnath go frequently from here.

Summers are the best time to visit here.

Shivrajpur Beach

The white sand beach, Shivrajpur beach is a great place to spend holidays beyond any doubt. Occasionally, people, behold dolphins here as well. All in all, it’s a great spot to spend time with friends and family.  Reach here:

  • By Air: Jamnagar is the closest airport to Shivrajpur beach.
  • By Road: Jamnagar and Ahmedabad are the closest cities from where buses regularly ply to Shivrajpur beach.
  • By Rail: Dwarka has its own railway station connected to other stations.;

October to March is the favorable time to visit here.


Start prioritizing things that actually make you happy. Visit these beaches and get the most out of it.

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