Behold the Centre of Universe- Great Mosque of Mecca

What if you get a place to purify your soul from all the sins committed? Of course, that wouldn’t be less than a heaven for you. Millions of people have a similar gesture for the Great Mosque of Mecca or Mecca Masjid Saudi Arabia. It encases the sacred Islamic shrine within it, named “Kabba”. The people belonging to any other religion than Islam, are strictly restricted to enter this holy place. People believe that after visiting here they get totally new energy and a new freshness in their spiritual and worldly life. Lay down your attention on how it was formed and all its fascinating details:

Mecca Masjid Saudi Arabia History

Mecca is the oldest shrine of Islam, which built in 16 century. The Mecca Masjid Saudi Arabia spread over 356000 square meter area. Millions of devotees visit the Mecca Masjid Saudi Arabia every year. Also known as Al-Haram Mosque, it comprises a rectangular courtyard which is used by pilgrims to perform their rituals of Kaaba i.e. known as ”Tawaf”. The mosque has been built around Ka’bah, it’s a structure that Muslims believe the most pious in Islam and was firstly built by “Prophet Ibrahim”.

In the 20th century, the mosque was enlarged and renovated during Ḥusayn Ibn ʿAlī’s reign. Muslims are obligated to perform ‘Haj’ once in their lifetime. The strong, faithful believe that on that day the gates of heaven are open and all past sins are forgiven. All male pilgrims wear white clothes to and all women cover their hair and wear long and loose clothes to symbolize equality during the Haj.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia Attractions

The door of heaven called “Mecca”, is as beautiful as its miracles. Inside the mosque, there is a cubical structured house of Kaaba, made of granite and designed with gold, which is about 43 feet high and 36.2 feet wide, without any window and has a gold made entrance door which is 7ft above the ground and white marble and limestone made floor also has a rainwater spout, which is made of gold. There is a black Stone in the east side of Kaaba, which is situated at a height of 5 feet from the ground. The northern corner of Kaaba is called Iraqi corner, the western corner is called the Levantine corner and southern corner is called the Yemeni corner. There is a well called Zamzam Well, which never dries.

Besides this, people also visit Masjid Aisha Makkah Saudi Arabia, which is located five miles away from Kaaba at Al-Hil area. People can see Masjid Al Haram Mecca Saudi Arabia live and get the holy Kaaba glimpses in their home. Masjid Al Haram Mecca Saudi Arabia live telecasts have made it quite easy for those who wish to visit here, but can’t go because of one reason or another.

So, when are you planning your visit to Mecca Saudi Arabia? Make your plan at any time in the whole year and reach Mecca Saudi Arabia to get eternal bliss and divine blessedness.

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