Brihadeshwara Temple: Massive Sturdy Exhibition of Cholas Architecture

Popularly known as Periya Koil, Brihadeeshwara Temple demonstrates the Cholas excellence in fresco paintings, sculpture, metallurgy and everything present over there. It has kept its imperishable image despite of major fire accidents and earthquakes. The main deity being worshipped here is Lord Shiva.

Brihadeshwara Temple Timings

Brihadeshwara Temple timings for the whole week are:

Morning: 6:00AM – 12:30PM

Evening: 4:00PM – 8:30PM

Brihadeshwara Temple History

The greatest Chola dynasty king, Raja Raja Chola I, constructed Brihadeshwara Temple. The greatest administrator and warrior, Raja Raja Chola I was most successful king. This temple was a symbol of his empire’s success. It is also pronounced as Rajarajeswaram or Peruvudaiyar Kovil or Brahadeeswara Temple. It’s an inseparable part of ‘Great Living Chola Temples’, the World Heritage Site UNESCO.

Brihadeshwara Temple Architecture

Brihadeshwara Temple is biggest temple of all the times. This marvelous monument enunciates the mastery in architecture of the Chola era. The Shiva Linga is largest of all other temples, measuring 3.7 meters in length. The gigantic structure of Nandhi (bull) protects the whole temple besides augmenting temple’s beauty. It has been carved on a single stone and held as a second largest edifice in the shape of Nandhi in the whole of India. Every single aspect of Brihadeshwara Temple architecture is overwhelming and worth praising, that’s why it also bespeaks as The Big Temple.

You probably have witnessed manmade Shikaras of the entire world; however, Brihadeshwara Temple Vimana measuring 216 feet is the tallest one. Its shikara is famous as Dakshina Meru. The vimana has been built by the interlocking of stones. There is no binding material used to construct it.

Brihadeshwara Temple Facts

Here are some fascinating yet unknown Brihadeshwara Temple facts, you might be unaware of:

  • By the whole of Cholas massive palaces, Brihadeshwara Temple is the only one surviving temple, thus establishing a unique paragon of rich architecture and devotion for Lord Shiva.
  • The inscriptions being carved on the temple are so detailed and incredible that clearly proclaims many of the mysteries of temple’s construction.
  • The entire construction has been done with granite stone. The enthralling part is, there was no granite quarry in nearby areas. These mammoth stones were carried from distant areas for temple’s construction.
  • The 107 paragraphs being engraved on temple walls were dictated personally by the King himself.

The reality behind Brihadeshwara Temple shadow

Brihadeshwara Temple shadow is quite a fascinating phenomenon. There is a famous myth associated with it that the shadow doesn’t ever fall down from the temple premises. However, the reality is associated since its inception in the answer of temple’s architect. To reply the question of King (Will this edifice ever fall?), he responded that even the shadow of the temple will never fall. So, it’s just a metaphorical expression, nothing else.

This marvel in the history is worth visiting, housing large Shivaling in it and enriched with worldwide prestige with its marvelous history & architecture.

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