Suchindram Temple: The Legendary Shrine dedicated to Trinity

The prominent pilgrim center, Suchindram Temple is the most preferred destination of tourists from all over the world. The actual name of the temple is Thanumalayan Temple, and Suchindram is basically a panchayat town. However, this temple is most famous with the name Suchindram Anjaneyar Temple. Being famous for ancient monuments and excellent architecture, Suchindram Temple encases innumerable perspectives to explore. Let’s know in deep about sacredness that it delineates:

How did it get ‘Suchindram’ title?

Suchindram name was allotted from the Sthala Purana. The saga associated with it is related to Indra, the king of Devas. It is believed that Indra got freed from a curse at the main Linga of this temple. That’s what the temple’s name bespeaks, i.e. ‘Suchi’ which means ‘Purify’. The belief of people is that every day, at midnight, Indra used to worship and perform ‘Ardhajama Pooja’ here.

Suchindram Temple History

A few temples in the whole India are dedicated to Trinity are worshipped, i.e. ‘Brahma, Vishnu and Ishvara’, and Thanumalayan Temple can be found in that list. It preserves the Trinity of God, ‘Sri Sthanumalaya’. Basically, this Linga is present in three portions. The first one or top one represents the name of Shiva, ‘Sthanu’, the middle one represents the name of Vishnu, ‘Mal’, and the last one represents the name of Brahma, ‘Aya’.

There is a famous legend associated with this temple, related to the chastity of Sage Atri’s wife, Anasuya. As per the legend, the Trimurtis (Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma) appeared as begging Brahmins before Anasuya. She was just serving them but getting a meal, they imposed one condition before her, directing her to serve them naked. She, by using the power of celibacy, turned Gods into little babies and then sucked them one by one. Then Anasuya restored all three deities on the request of Goddesses. On that very spot, a Linga grew up which can be witnessed even today.

Architectural Beauty

Besides being prevalent for Sthanumalyam, the architectural attractions are also quite astonishing. The façade of seven-story Suchindram Temple encases Hindu sculptures in it. The tallest Hanuman statue carved in one granite block, Nandi statue constructed with mortar & time, four musical pillars emitting soul soothing tones, a dancing hall with 1035 pillars and the mind-blowing carvings everywhere, will take your heart away for sure.

Thanumalayan Temple Timings

Suchindram Temple timings are:

Morning: 4:00AM – 12:00PM

Evening: 5:00PM – 7:00PM

Suchindram Temple timings are uniform for all the days of a week.

Suchindram Temple Dress Code

Before visiting the temple, one must know about the Suchindram Temple dress code. To enter the temple premises, men are supposed to wear pajama or dhoti with upper cloth or they can wear formal shirts & pants. Women are supposed to wear a churidar along with upper cloth or a sari or half sari. And, children should be worn fully covered dresses.

How to reach Suchindram Temple?

You can choose any mode (train, road or air) to reach here. All modes are absolutely feasible to reach Suchindram Temple.

Make your plans and visit this devotional place to get blessed from Trinity.

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