Virupaksha Temple The Prominent Ancient Indian Temple

If you are enamored with architecture, then you’d love visiting Virupaksha temple. This temple has been enriched with ancient architecture. Hold on, not just architecture, but many other aspects make this place a must visit, at least once in your lifetime. While making a plan for Indian tourism, itinerants just love to explore at this endearing religious place.

The deity being worshipped here is Lord Shiva, popularly known as Virupaksha, being worshipped as Goddess Pampa’s consort.

Virupaksha temple has been situated in Hampi, Karnataka, India. Well, Hampi has bagged worldwide recognition with most prevalent sites located in it. Going along the same lines, Virupaksha has got itself listed in the litany of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So, you’d get a lot here. Here’re a few glimpses which will assuredly grow your love for this site.

Entry Timings

Morning: 9:00AM – 1:00PM

Evening: 5:00PM – 9:00PM

Entrance Fees

No entry fees.

Architecture- The beauty of Virupaksha temple

I context of architecture, the Virupaksha temple has become an extremely popular talk of time. The shrine of worship encases three antechambers, several pillars within one hall. Here you will behold, majestically placed pillared monastery, that’s the most tranquil place, a few scattered small shrines, courtyards, and beautifully designed entrance gates.

Amidst each gateway, 50 meters long and nine-tiered eastern gateway inevitably tops. Its gravel way heads toward court outside, which captures several sub-sanctums. The northern gopuram has about 5 storey, while Eastern has 3 storey.

The central attraction point is the main hall, popularly known as Ranga Madapa, has been specifically draped with ancient designs and pillars. Besides it, an engraved stone slab can be witnessed having epitaph of King Krishnadevaraya’s offerings to temple. Its architectural beauty doesn’t just end here. Even the decayed mandapams surrounding the temple and ruins of ancient shopping center still carries the reason to visit this historic temple once in the lifetime.

Wondrous carvings unveil the temple’s secrets

The captivation of this temple is carvings on walls, panels, stones, pillars inscribing Shiva’s life including episodes from Krishna’s childhood, Mahabharata and Ramayana. And, the best part of these sculptures is, these are not random ones, instead, each of it carries a reliable message within it.

Interesting Facts

  • Along the terrace, Tungabhadra River’s small channel flows which further gets descended to temple kitchen and then to outer court.
  • The central attraction, the pillared hall has been contributed by Krishnadevarya, Vijayanagara Empire’s famed emperor.
  • Vijayanagar city (encasing Hampi within it) was even plundered, invaded and thoroughly destroyed but still, it managed to rock in nomads’ hearts. Being fully intact, it has been proclaimed as the most visited place.
  • It has the longest & uninterrupted history of the times.
  • In the 14th century, its sculptures, native arts, ornamental works and most of its attractions were demolished by Muslims who pervaded this place. But still, with the passage of time, it retained the lost glory and restored its prestige.

If you desire to know more about India, its culture and ancient importance then plan to call on Virupaksha temple this time. Have a good day!

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