Ramanathaswamy Temple The Most Sacred Place on Earth

In Hinduism, the holy place bequeathing salvation by purifying the souls from all the misdeeds is Ramanathaswamy temple. This temple is located in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. The pious shrine houses hallowed sand mound (Lingam) which you will never find anywhere else in the world as it was created by Devi Sita for Lord Rama.

Entry Timings

Morning: 5:00AM – 1:00PM

Evening: 3:00PM – 9:00PM

Entry Fee

No Entry Fees is charged here.

You are not supposed to take bags, camera, and phones inside this temple. But you can take a still camera inside the premises by paying a fee of Rs. 25.

Main Deity

The main deity worshipped at Ramanathaswamy temple is Lord Shiva. Even temple’s name also suggests the same as ‘The master of Sri Rama’. And, about the establishment of this temple, the famous legend is that Lord Vishnu’s avatar, Rama had established it to vindicate whole the negativity arose in the era of Ramayana.

Two Lingams

This temple houses two Lingams, ‘Ramalingam’ & ‘Viswalingam’. The Lingam of Shiva (Ramalingam) was built by Devi Sita with sand and has been worshipped by her, Rama and Lord Hanuman. Whereas Viswalingam was that one which, Lord Hanuman brought from adobe of Lord Shiva, Kailasha.


The main attraction is the holy myth associated with this temple. As this temple was established by Rama, there is very interesting legend goes by it. After killing Brahmin (Ravana), Rama wanted Shiva to vindicate him from this sin. For that, Hanuman was directed to pick up a Lingam. However, he delayed in getting it from the Himalayas. In the meanwhile, Devi Sita made up a Lingam of sand at sea shore, and both these Lingams are worshipped at Ramanathaswamy temple.

Besides this, its other attractions are:

  • The temple encases 1212 pillars, which are quite attractive. The carvings made on each pillar are different from one another, giving a unique experience to pilgrims.
  • The temple houses several shrines within it, viz. Ramanathaswamy, Parvathavardhini, Maha Ganapathi, Visalakshi, Sethumadhava, Santanaganpathi, Mahalaxmi, Subrahmanya, Anjaneya, and Nataraja. Black granite stones have been used to made Ramanathaswamy shrine. The rooftop tower, Vimana is gold plated.
  • There are around 22 holy water bodies, specifically known as Teerthams. These are available in the form of wells and tanks. It typically represents 22 arrows being present in Rama’s quiver. In order to enter the sanctum sanctorum, each devotee is required to take bath in any of these holy water bodies.
  • The outer corridor of the temple is recognized as the world’s longest corridor. The height is about 6.9 meter, in east & west, it is 400 feet each and in north & south, it is 640 feet. And surprisingly, the total length is 3850 feet.
  • Rameswaram is one of the pious Char Dhams (four religious pilgrimage sites). In Hindu religion, if anyone visits all these Char Dhams (Rameswaram, Badrinath, Puri, Dwarka) in the lifetime, then he/she considered being sacred and fully blessed. So, they prefer to visit at least once in their whole life and rejuvenate their soul by getting the divine glimpse of deities.

Its significance in holy Hindu scriptures automatically figures out how imperative is it to visit this divine place is. Plan your visit shortly and become capable of infinite blessings of divinity.

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