Chhati Patshahi, Jammu & Kashmir

Sixth Sikh Guru used to travel through Kashmir, sometimes used to stop here for preaching. A gurudwara is built at the precise location at each of these parts, the most important of which is Chhati, Padshahi Gurudwara, Srinagar, in the rainforest, is situated near the Kathi Darwaja, which has maintained a great respect in the heart of the devotees of all faiths. People have great belief, that is why, a huge crowd gathers here every day to get blessings of guru.

In Srinagar, the Chhatti padshahi is one of the important places for the Sikhs, which is not only one of the main tourist attractions of Srinagar but also a famous gurudwara. Located in Rainwari Srinagar, it is an important site for Sikh devotees who gather here to pray. Located at the southern entrance of Hari Parbat Fort, it is an important gurudwara of the Sikh community. There are also many Sikh Gurudwaras in Jammu and Kashmir, but most of the devotees go to Padshahi. People travel long journey to get to this gurudwara.

This historic gurdwara is included in the Tourist Places of Srinagar city of Kashmir Valley. Gurudwara Chhevin Patshah, Srinagar and Dal Lake along the river Jhelum are situated on the spot where Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Hargobind also visited. In some sources, there is a list of visits of Guru Har Rai, but the name of the historical Sikh shrine located here is only alone, it is only Hargobind, Chhevin Patshah or 6th Guru. It is situated outside the Kathi Gate of Hari Parbat Fort, where at Bhagbhari’s house, devotees had been longing for a glimpse of the Guru for a long time when Guru Hargobind fulfilled their wish by completing his journey here.


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