Grishneshwar temple

In the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, the Grishneshwar temple is situated which is one of the 12th Jyotirlinga temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is an important pilgrimage site for the Shaivas in Aurangabad. Red rocks are mainly used for the construction of the temple, in which there is a remarkable five-level shooter. Inside the temple, there is a beautiful display of carvings of other Gods and Goddesses. According to beliefs, a fanatic follower of Lord Shiva once found a treasure inside a snake pit and donated money to build this temple. It is located near Ajanta and Ellora caves and the nearest airport to the Girshneshwar temple in Aurangabad.

The temple was built by Ahilyabhai Holkar and it is known by many other names, such as Grushmasawada, Grisheshwara, and Kusumeswarvar. Devotees believe that worship of this Jyothirling is equal to all other puja and the Lord will remove all their sorrows. Skanda Purana says that once Lord Shiva troubled devi Parvati. She came here and took the form of an Adivasi girl. According to Shiv Purana, once there was a Brahmin couple Suda and Brahmaveta Sudharm. Both lived on the Devanagari Mountain and were disappointed because they have no children. She asked her sister Gushma to marry her husband. After that, he directed to make 101 genders and release them on the lake after worship. They pleased Lord Shiva and Lord blessed him with a child.

Once they prayed for Shiva, after releasing all the Shiva Lingas, they saw Lord Shiva in front of them. He was satisfied to see their dedication and he asked what they wanted as a boon. On this, this couple requested Lord Shiva to be in the place forever and thus God manifested himself as a Jyotirlinga. This jyotirlinga since then is being visited by the followers of Lord Shiva.

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