Vaidnath Dham

Temple in Devgarh, also called vaidnath Dham, is the most important pilgrimage place in Bihar.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the 12 Jyotirlingas which makes it more important for the devotees. Devghar means the house of Gods. According to religious beliefs, Lord Shiva’s temple was built by Vishwakarma who is called the architect of God. The temple is divided into three parts: the main temple, the central part of this main temple and the entrance to the temple. This 72 feet high temple is facing east and is lotus-shaped.

There is a remarkable and rich history about Baba Vaidyanath temple in Devgarh. The temple is mentioned in many ancient texts. According to popular Hindu beliefs, monster Ravana used to worship to Lord Shiva at this place, where the temple is currently located, to get blessings with that virtue that he wanted to use later in the world to wreak havoc. Interestingly, Ravana gave his ten heads one after other, in the form of the sacrifice to Lord Shiva.

Delighted by this act, Shiva landed on earth for the treatment of Ravana, who had been injured. Since Lord Shiva had acted as a doctor, he is called Vaidya, and it is from this aspect of Shiva that the temple is his name.

This is where the sacred water of the river Ganga is considered to be more sacred towards its unusual flow. Keeping the water of the Ganga on their shoulders, Pilgrims come from distant places to pour water on the Shiva lingam. This Lingam is also known as Kamna Lingam. Lingam’s famous Shravan Mela fulfills the desire of people which is not too far from the temple. During the Shravan Mela, lakhs of devotees from all over the country flock to the temple in Devghar or Baba Baithyanath temple. Shravan Mela is organized in the months of July and August. This fair is organized for about 30 days and it is considered as the world’s largest and longest religious fair.

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