Omkareshwar Temple

There are 12 Jyotirlinga temples in the world and Omkareshwar is one of them. Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is a temple of Lord Shiva. It is situated on the peak of Omkar Mountain, which is on an island in the mid of Narmada River. It is a center of extreme faith of the Hindu religion. There is another temple named as Mamleshwar is also very important which is situated on the south bank of Narmada. Most of the pilgrims consider both the temples poise and as equally sacred jyotirlinga and visit them in order to get the blessings of Lord.

Due to the similarity to Shiv Lingam, the smooth pebble is known as ‘Bending’ in the river Narmada, surrounded by this island. Thus, by name ‘Shankar’, the river is considered to be the most sacred. Where Lord Shiva is mentioned, this place should be hidden from many mythological legends and legends which inspire humankind on the path to good. Apart from this, Narmada is also known as the only river in orbit by pilgrims, which is about 2600 kilometers on foot, from cities like Jabalpur, Barwani, Hoshangabad, Harda, Narmada Nagar, Omkareshwar, Dewas, Mandla, and Maheshwar are passing through in Madhya Pradesh, and in Gujarat Rajpipla and Bharuch.

In order to complete the journey to pilgrimage, all the pilgrims use to come to Omkareshwar and give sacred water to Omkareshwar, and then the journey of pilgrimage is considered to be completed. There is a grand prayer hall in the temple standing on about 60 large stone pillars. People meditate in this hall. There are three regular prayers in the temple. In the morning by the temple trust, one in the middle of the day by priest of the state of India and one in the evening by the priest of the Holkar state. The temple is always filled with pilgrims, after taking a bath in Narmada and the utensils filled with Narmada water, coconut and other things of worship, many of them perform special pooja through priests.

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