Chennakeshava Temple: Ideal Example of Hoysala Architecture

In the litany of must-visit south Indian temples, Chennakeshava Temple has positively secured its place from decades. And, if you have planned to visit south India, especially the tourist place Mysore, then this is the one you can’t miss out. Chennakeshava Temple is quite prevalent with other names like Keshava Temple, Somanathapura Temple, Vijayanarayana Temple etc. Just as many other south temples subsuming Airavateswara Temple, Pattadakal, Virupaksha Temple and many more have been recognized by UNO as World Heritage Sites, Chennakeshava Temple has also been nominated for the same honor. Here’re its specifics to induce you to visit this place for once:

Somanathapura Temple History

Somanathapura Temple history is concerned with the Hoysala kingdom. It is related to King Vishnuvardhana’s military achievements, which he attained after defeating Cholas in wars held with Western Chalukyas. To construct this temple, the king hired artists and artisans mastered in their skill and therefore they produced this masterpiece with the latest styles and designs which is now known most for its architecture.

Hoysaleswara Temple Architecture

The architectural beauty of Hoysaleswara temple stands it out from all other south Indian temples. It is the exact layout of Hoysala style and has been constructed by using soapstone. Among the foremost creations of the dynasty, this one perfectly distinguishes itself in terms of its beautiful architecture.

This Keshava Temple Somnathpur has three shrines within it dedicated to Lord Keshava, Venugopala and Janardhana. However, Lord Kesava’s idol is missing in the respective shrine. The common mandapa has been carved beautifully with peaks. The outer walls featuring the carvings of several Gods and Goddesses exemplify the perfection level. Moreover, the engravings showcase Hindu holy literature, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Lord Krishna’s childhood and many more. There can be seen star-shaped folds, stone plates, and many other aspects being carved there. You can feel the adept of artisans on central wall space and 16 types of ceilings in the whole temple.

Somanathapura Temple Timings

9:00AM – 5:30PM

Somanathapura Temple timings are uniform for all the days.

Belur Chennakeshava Temple Entrance Fees

The entrance fees of Belur Chennakeshava Temple are:

  • For Indians: Rs. 5
  • For Foreigners: Rs. 100
  • Still Camera: No Fee
  • Video Camera: Rs. 25

For the entrance of children below 12, there are no entrance charges.

How to reach Chennakeshava Temple Somanathapura

This temple is situated on River Kaveri’s banks, Somnathapura, Karnataka, India. One can reach Chennakeshava Temple Somanathapura by preferring any route, here are the details:

  • By Train

The nearest spot of the railway station is 35.3km away Mysore. There are several trains run towards Mysore so you can reach here easily.

  • By Road

You can pick a bus or hire a car to reach Vijayanarayana Temple. From Bengaluru, it takes 3 hours to reach here and from Mysore, it takes half an hour to reach the temple. Mysore bus stand is 38.6km away.

  • By Air

You can either resort to Mangalore or Bangalore airport. The former one is 297km far and Bangalore is 174km far from Keshava Temple.

This ancient structure is quite famous and one among the popular spots of Mysore. You will get absolute worth for your visit with its artistry wonders and you can’t simply miss out Keshava Temple Somnathpur while on the south Indian tour.

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