Sarangapani Temple: Biggest Vishnu Temple of South India

Sarangapani Temple, the quite famous Divya Desham is situated at Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu India. Alwars, the famous Tamil poets have mentioned Divya Deshams (the most sacred places) and Sarangapani Temple has secured its place in that list. This temple is inevitably the biggest south Indian temple that is exclusively worshipped for Lord Vishnu.

Sarangapani Temple History

Sarangapani Temple history surrounds a prevalent legend. Sage Hema Rishi did self-mortification with a motive to have Goddess Lakshmi as a daughter. His penance was accepted his penance and got impressed form his intense desire. Lord Vishnu fulfill the wish and in Potramarai Tank Goddess Lakshmi born from a lotus. She was given the name Komalavalli. After that, Lord Vishnu came on earth to marry Komalavalli and took birth as Sarangapani. This is the reason that Potramarai, the temple pond is the most sacred one.

This is believed that Lord Vishnu arrived at this place by His Vaidheega Vimanam and carried Saarangam, the name of His bow. He arrived there to marry Goddess Lakshmi on Mahara Sankaranthi Day. At Kumbakonam, this Vaidheega Vimana was settled as Sarangapani, that’s why this place is treated as the holiest shrine.

The architectural influences of this ancient temple are South Indian major dynasties, Madurai Nayaks, Vijayanagar Kingdom, and Medieval Cholas. So, the architectural blend of this temple distinguishes itself from all other shrines and gives a remarkable opportunity to explore maximum to all the drifters.

Sarangapani Temple Architecture

The architecture of Saranagapani Temple is as famous as other South Indian temples. It has five small Gopurams and eleven tiered Raja Gopuram. The central shrine has Sarangapani, the main deity, within it. Nearby Western Entrance of the temple, the holy tank, Potramarai exists. The whole temple complex houses chariots for festivals and several small shrines.

Pancharanga Kshetrams

Pancharanga Kshetrams has actually coalesced of five temples dedicated to Vishnu and situated on Kaveri River’s bank. This holy temple, Sarangapani is one amidst all temples of Pancharanga Kshetrams. Rests of the temples comprising it are Ranganathaswamy Temple, Parimala Ranganatha Perumal Temple, Srirangam Temple, Vatarangam Temple, Appalarangam Temple.

Sarangapani Temple Timings

Morning: 6:00AM – 12:00PM

Evening: 4:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Sarangapani Temple timings are same for all the days.

Festival Celebrations

This temple is well known for festival celebrations. The celebrations are carrying on a higher scale. These are Deepawali, Ratasptami, Mahamaham Fest, Akshay Tritiya, Brahmotsavam etc. On all the festivities, special poojas are being performed. So, these festivals are the best time to visit this holy place.

So, while planning your trip to roam all ancient temples, then don’t forget to visit this one. In Kumbakonam, it’s the biggest temple dedicated to Vishnu.

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