Visit Baijnath Temple and Get the Divine Glimpse of Unique Jyotirlingam

Millions of tourists visit India to relish with the cultural & spiritual aspects. If you are one of them and planning a religious trip this year, then here is one of the best temples in Indian history, Baijnath Temple. It is situated in a small town of Baijnath located in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, the village lies on the Pathankot- Mandi highway (National highway No-20).

This Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva. Having encased with a lot of interesting facts and historical values of Lord Shiva, the temple subsumes a lot to bestow the memorable time to you. Here’s all you should know about this holy shrine:

Baijnath Temple History

Baijnath Temple, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famous shrines of India and constructed in 1204 A.D by the persons named Ahuka and Manyuka as mentioned in the walls of the Mandir. Baijnath temple history is hazy, but states that Baijnath Temple, Himachal Pradesh has two long inscriptions that are engraved on stone slabs in Sanskrit. These inscriptions have been written using Sharada Script & Pahari language in Takri Script which Baijnath Temple History bespeaks. These inscriptions provide information about the construction of temples & praising Lord Shiva. Baijnath Temple history has been clearly mentioned on the walls, explaining about some interesting facts about the temple, it is believed that the water of Baijnath Temple (Himachal Pradesh) is very beneficial and has the capacity to treat most of the human suffering from diseases. This is also one of the important reasons that people from various parts of the country visit every year.

According to the legends, It is also believed that Ravana, in order to get supreme powers, worshipped Lord Shiva in the Kailash & to please the Almighty, he offered his ten heads in the havan kund, influenced by this, Lord Shiva didn’t just restore his heads but also bestowed him with powers of Invincibility.

Baijnath Temple Timings

Special prayers are offered in the morning and evening every day, for which Baijnath temple timing for entrance are:

6.00AM – 9.00PM

On special occasions and especially during the festive seasons like Makara Sankranti, Maha Shivratri, Vaisakha Sankranti, it is quite difficult to take an entry in the Mandir, so one need to reach here before entrance time for darshans.

Baijnath Temple Route

Baijnath Temple is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, reaching here is neither a difficult, nor a complicated task. This place is well-connected with all three means of transportation either by road, train or air. This temple lies around 36 km east of the Kangra Valley.

The temple attracts a large number of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world throughout the year. Visit the temple and get the most relished moment here.

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